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The Toolbox Killers: A Deadly Rape, Torture and Murder Duo
by Jack Rosewood

Category:  Nonfiction: True Crime

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Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, the Toolbox Killers, brought a level of terror that changed the way people carried out their daily lives. It was a time of innocence in California, where young girls could walk the streets or hitchhike along the freeways without a care or concern for their own safety, day or night. But that innocence and trust were to be shattered as five girls made the fatal mistake of accepting a ride from Bittaker and Norris.

What started as a chance meeting in prison of these terrible men resulted in a murder spree that was planned right down to the finest details. They knew the type of victims they wanted, how they were going to abduct them, and what they were going to do to them. And they did everything they could to make their depraved fantasies come true.

This true crime book includes chapters that explore the psychological make-up of these killers, and factors that may have influenced their twisted minds. How could these men inflict such horrific pain and suffering on their victims, and get away with it until five victims are left dead and scattered in a desolate canyon? What would have happened if Bittaker and Norris had never met?

These famous serial killers were organized and sexually sadistic, and were responsible for some of the most horrendous true murders involving unimaginable torture in history. This is one of those true crime stories that will make you question humanity, and look twice at those who live among us.


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Rating:  4

This is a thoroughly described case with backgrounds and timelines for each killer. It also includes various contrasting comparisons to other serial and mass murder cases.

Kevin Kollins expertly narrates this audiobook. I'm especially impressed with his reading of the transcript of one of the victims.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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