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Book Review

by Jeffery Deaver

Category:  Short Stories

Average Rating:  1.0

This is a collection of 3 short stories:

Date Night Narrated by David Harbour

A race against time becomes a battle for the soul.

Death is a topic Bradford Douglas is intimately familiar with. The young attorney is on a crusade against capital punishment. He's saved a number of death row inmates, but none of his cases has been as tough as the one he now faces: Henry Combs, a vicious serial killer, has only hours to live when Douglas is summoned for a Hail Mary attempt to have the man's sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

As Douglas races to pursue whatever strategies he can think of, he finds his passion for justice giving way to something altogether different.

An obsession.

The Intruder Narrated by David Harbour

The fear inside meets the terror out there in a story of unsettling suspense.

Evan Hart lives the good life, enjoying his job, his sports club, the occasional date -- and especially his comfortable home, nestled in the thick woods surrounding his property. But that tranquility is shattered when he realizes a figure from his past has arrived in town, armed with a knife, his intentions clear from the man's attempts to break into Evan's house in the middle of the night. The authorities can do nothing.

Evan can turn only to the nightmares that plague his sleeping hours for answers. But the question is: can those dreams save him, or are they part of the intruder's plan?

Stay Tuned Narrated by Zoe Chao

A tale of a bucolic getaway and an unsettling spirit.

Amanda and Charlie are spending their first weekend away in months. They've rented a luxurious vacation house on Lost Valley Lake. Swimming, bicycling and romance are the order of the day, and all is good. That is, until someone -- or something -- appears on the shore across the lake, just as the sky turns gray and the water chill and choppy.

When the apparition, or whatever it might be, grows closer and closer, it soon becomes clear there are certain types of evil that you can't protect yourself from with locked doors and windows.

And perhaps you can't protect yourself from them at all.


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Rating:  1

These stories aren't so much unsettling as they are just plain weird. They're quite disappointing, actually -- not like Deaver's usual work. All 3 stories are narrated well, but they're just too strange for my taste.

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