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Book Review

The Last Chance Texaco: Chronicles Of An American Troubadour
by Rickie Lee Jones

Category:  Memoir

Average Rating:  3.0

Memoir of a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter. She describes her nomadic childhood, including years as a runaway in her teens. She also chronicles the ups and downs of her music career, love affair with Tom Waits, and battles with addictions.


[2021-07-12 00:15:55]

Rating:  3

This memoir, written and performed by Rickie Lee Jones, is almost as lyrical as her music. It includes music sung by her. Being familiar with and liking some of her music, I found this memoir to be very interesting, although it's long and drags a bit at times. Unless you're a fan of Rickie Lee Jones or want to learn more about her, you may prefer to give this audiobook a pass.

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