Mark Twain wrote: No brute ever does a cruel thing -- that is the monopoly of those with the moral sense. When a brute inflicts pain he does it innocently; it is not wrong; for him there is no such thing as wrong. And he does not inflict pain for the pleasure of inflicting it -- only man does that.

Book Review

by Jonathan Maberry

Category:  Short Stories

Average Rating:  1.0

The fears and horrors of being a new parent take on a shocking dimension in this heart-stopping original story.

A young married couple, Matt and Gillian have just bought a gorgeous house located next to a lake in the Catskills. They want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to raise their baby girl, Hope, in relative peace and quiet. When night falls, however, their dream home becomes a house of nightmares. Matt and Gillian soon learn that darkness takes many forms. And sometimes, darkness is hungry.


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Rating:  1

This very short story is quite weird and totally unbelievable. Of course, Scott Brick performs fabulously, but it's not enough to make this story worth a listen.

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