Mark Twain wrote: Each person is born to one possession which outvalues all his others - his last breath.

Book Review

The Brilliant Life Of Eudora Honeysett
by Annie Lyons

Category:  Drama

Average Rating:  5.0

Eudora Honeysett is done with this noisy, moronic world -- all of it. She has witnessed the indignities and suffering of old age and has lived a full life. At 85, she isn't going to leave things to chance. Her end will be on her terms. With one call to a clinic in Switzerland, a plan is set in motion.

Then she meets 10-year-old Rose Trewidney, a whirling, pint-sized rainbow of sparkling cheer. All Eudora wants is to be left alone to set her affairs in order. Instead, she finds herself embarking on a series of adventures with the irrepressible Rose and their affable neighbor, the recently widowed Stanley -- afternoon tea, shopping sprees, trips to the beach, birthday celebrations, pizza parties.

While the trio of unlikely BFFs grow closer and anxiously await the arrival of Rose's new baby sister, Eudora is reminded of her own childhood -- of losing her father during World War II and the devastating impact it had on her entire family. In reflecting on her past, Eudora realizes she must come to terms with what lies ahead.

But now that her joy for life has been rekindled, how can she possibly say goodbye?


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Rating:  5

Nicolette McKenzie brilliantly performs this poignant story as Eudora Honeysett reflects on her rather disfunctional life and her ultimate redemption by way of some kind, life-affirming friends.

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