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Book Review

How Wonder Woman Became A Smuggler
by Edie Little

Category:  Family Saga

Average Rating:  2.0

How Wonder Woman Became a Smuggler is an adventure-fueled tale of a child coming of age in the midst of domestic violence to become an outlaw.

The book opens with the heroine as a child at age six who believes she is Wonder Woman. At age seven, she witnesses the rape of her sister by her father. And as children do, she blames herself for her helplessness.

The narrative fearlessly and proactively blends biography and psychology to expose fresh truths about generational dysfunction.

The 60,000-word novel is written as literary fiction and spans several genres including True Crime, Family Sagas, Coming of Age, Domestic Violence, Biographical Fiction, and Women's Fiction.

It reads like a reporter's account of the era of ma and pa marijuana smugglers of the '70s and '80s.


[2021-04-09 22:54:12]

Rating:  2

This book is written and read (by the author) in the style of a memoir, although it's never made clear how much the story is embellished or fictionalized. However, the writing, narration and production all seem quite unprofessional, lending to its authenticity as a memoir. The quality of the microphone is quite poor and there are a few instances of background noise in the recording. There's perhaps a bit more time spent on self-analysis than suits my taste, but it is an intriguing story.

Note: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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