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Book Review

by Tim Tigner

Category:  Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

Two blood-spattered strangers awake, locked in the trunk of a car -- with a murdered cop and the smoking gun. Aside from raging headaches and no idea what's happened, they appear to have nothing in common. Troy thinks it's 2001 and he's still a combat surgeon fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Emmy believes it's 2002 and she's still grifting a living from the streets of LA.

Are they archenemies or co-conspirators? Lovers or friends? What are they doing in the Caribbean, and why is a Croatian assassin determined to kill them? The only thing they know for certain is that they'll be spending the rest of their lives in prison if the police catch them before they learn the truth.


[2021-04-25 22:55:14]

Rating:  4

I listened to this book as much for the narrator as for the story. Dick Hill read this audiobook and he didn't let me down, except I kept hearing Jack Reacher's voice. With some suspension of disbelief, the story was captivating and action-packed. It kept my ears glued to the story right through to the satisfying end.

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