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Book Review

Still Living The Dream In Rural Ireland
by Nick Albert

#2 in Fresh Eggs And Dog Beds

Category:  Memoir

Average Rating:  4.0

Nick and Lesley's desire for a better life in the countryside was a long-held dream. Unforeseen events and a leap of faith forced that dream into reality, but moving to rural Ireland was only the beginning of their story.

Foreigners in a foreign land, they set about making new friends, learning the culture, and expanding their collection of chickens and unruly dogs. But their dream home was in desperate need of renovation -- a mammoth task they attacked with the aid of a DIY manual, dwindling funds, and incompetent enthusiasm.

With defunct diggers, collapsing ladders, and shocking electrics, what could possibly go wrong?

Will their new life live up to expectations, or will the Irish weather, dangerous roads, and a cruel twist of fate turn this dream into a nightmare?


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Rating:  4

Nick continues to tell his story with humor and self-deprication. The setting is truly foreign to me, but I'm enjoying the story anyway. And Andy Stevenson continues to deliver a quite satisfactory performance.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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