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Book Review

Dead Weight
by Rosemary Reeve

#4 in Jack Hart Mystery

Category:  Mystery

Average Rating:  5.0

"A woman doesn't kill herself when she's losing weight," said the court reporter.

Or does she?

Seattle attorney Jack Hart is defending his client's refusal to pay on a life insurance policy. Everything points to suicide, except that the young woman lost 50 pounds in the six months before she jumped or fell 10 stories to her death. Suicide, accident -- or murder?

This fourth installment of the Jack Hart mystery series takes Jack across charismatic Seattle neighborhoods in search of clues.

From Capitol Hill to Ballard, from Queen Anne to the University District, Jack learns of a young woman who seemed almost deliberately self-effacing, someone people couldn't quite see. Someone that unobtrusive could overhear a lot of secrets -- secrets that could get somebody killed.


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Rating:  5

Rosemary Reeve has done it again. This is another captivating mystery featuring some really great characters. And Noah DeBiase has definitely become the voice of Jack Hart. His performance is outstanding.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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