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Book Review

The Boy From The Woods
by Harlan Coben

Category:  Thriller

Average Rating:  5.0

Thirty years ago, Wilde was found as a boy living feral in the woods, with no memory of his past. Now an adult, he still doesn't know where he comes from, and another child has gone missing.

No one seems to take Naomi Pine's disappearance seriously, not even her father-with one exception. Hester Crimstein, a television criminal attorney, knows through her grandson that Naomi was relentlessly bullied at school. Hester asks Wilde -- with whom she shares a tragic connection -- to use his unique skills to help find Naomi.

Wilde can't ignore an outcast in trouble, but in order to find Naomi he must venture back into the community where he has never fit in, a place where the powerful are protected even when they harbor secrets that could destroy the lives of millions...secrets that Wilde must uncover before it's too late.


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Rating:  5

Harlan Coben does it again. Here's another thriller full of twists and surprises that make it nearly impossible to pause this audiobook. And Steven Weber makes it all the better with a fabulous performance. The audiobook is simply great!

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