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Book Review

The Strangler
by S. E. Green

#1 in Killers Among

Category:  Psychological Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

Lane swore never to be like her late mother. But now she too is a serial killer.

One difference remains -- she only stalks and punishes the guilty.

But while trailing a new killer of teenage girls dubbed "The Strangler", Lane makes a terrible miscalculation and kills the wrong man.

Now the family of the man she accidentally murdered is hunting the killer, and she is forced to cover her tracks by befriending them. Because everyone knows you keep your enemies close.

But are they really enemies? Lane isn't so sure.

As the plot surrounding "The Strangler" tightens around her like a noose, for the first time she is tempted to trust someone with her darkest secrets. But will breaking down her boundaries bring salvation, or doom?


[2019-12-24 01:36:07]

Rating:  4

Although this is the first book of the series, I felt that I came into the story in the middle. References were made to characters and events as if they'd been introduced in a prior story. Despite this, I really liked this story. It's gripping and suspenseful with likable main characters that are unusual for this type of story.

Susan Marlowe delivered an excellent performance. She sounded older than the main character telling the story, but her character voices were distinctive and appropriate.

Note: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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