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Book Review

Viable Hostage
by Audrey J. Cole

Category:  Medical Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

Malorie's best friend is missing, but no one seems concerned about the wayward medical student's mysterious disappearance -- until another student's partial remains wash ashore a Seattle beach....

When Malorie witnesses her best friend and roommate leave a campus bar with a mystery date driving a silver Mercedes, she suspects foul play, especially when Lani fails to return home the next day. Both women, med students in their final year at Elliott Bay University, have a lot riding on the line, but due to Lani's wild past, no one in her family is worried. When Malorie's fears for her roommate deepen, she turns to her Uncle Wade, a sergeant at Seattle Homicide.

Within 48 hours after Lani goes missing, the partial remains of a brutally murdered young woman wash up on Alki Beach, and a human hand is found in a crab pot off Bainbridge Island. When one of the bodies is identified as a pregnant, fourth-year medical student, Wade believes there's a connection with Lani's disappearance. And, that they might be looking for a serial killer.

Malorie suspects Lani's kidnapper is someone they know, possibly even one of their professors at the university, a prominent Seattle anesthesiologist whose wife is the president of EBU. But when Detective Blake Stephenson discovers evidence that links another suspect to the professor's Mercedes, he and Wade must act fast to attempt a wild rescue in the middle of Puget Sound.


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Rating:  4

This is a short but suspenseful thriller with interesting, fairly well developed characters.

The audiobook publisher chose to use two narrators,Marcio Catalano to perform the male characters and Veronica Pace to perform the female characters. Both narrators performed well, each giving their respective characters distinctive voices. I thought this actually worked out well.

This story grabbed my attention and kept me listening so that I finished it in one day.

Note: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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