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Book Review

Southern Zion
by David R. Waters

Category:  Mystery

Average Rating:  4.0

What if the faith you were raised in, professed to love, and thought would protect you from all evil turned out to be the very thing you now feared?

And what if public servants, sworn to protect and serve, kept and withheld secrets, both professional and personal, too horrifying to even be known?

Sariah could have never known what was to be discovered after simple inquiries of her polygamous faith. A case would develop that would merge politics, human trafficking, and stalwart obedience into a reality of circumstances that would push the boundaries of human depravity, to even doubt God himself. A case which would push two experienced Texas Rangers, Flynt and Kidd, not only to the legal limits of their authority but to question the very nature of trusted colleagues and professionals. A case in which the enemies and heroes are nearly impossible to distinguish.

Through every turn, every answer leads to more questions. Primarily, when is a situation truly resolved? More importantly, do we even want to know?


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Rating:  4

I felt a bit lost for the first several chapters of this book as the various characters were introduced. Sometimes characters were mentioned for the first time as if they had already been described. Eventually, most were described well enough and all was revealed in the satisfactory conclusion. This was an exciting, suspenseful story, although some of the violence seemed somewhat gratuitous and a bit too extreme to be believed.

David Loving had an unusual style of narration that took a little getting used to. He needed to give more distinctive voices to the characters. I would have appreciated a narrator that could perform an authentic Texas and Mexican accent, but David got the job done.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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