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Book Review

The Secrets That Shape Us
by W. L. Brooks

#2 in McKay

Category:  Romance: Mystery/Suspense

Average Rating:  2.0

After uncovering a devastating secret, Casey McKay left her beloved hometown and pretended not to look back. For years, the truth her sisters hid from her has kept her away. Now, in desperate need of Casey's help, her sisters have hired a PI to find her.

As a private investigator, Ryan Keller is used to getting into sticky situations, but nothing could have prepared him for the likes of Ms. McKay. Unable to resist her appeal for help, Ryan returns with her to Blue Creek. Little do they know they are walking right into a deadly plot to destroy the McKay sisters.

The closer they get to the truth, the harder it is for them to resist temptation. But succumbing to their desires puts Ryan in the crosshairs of a vengeful foe. To save them, Casey must face her past and the secrets that have shaped her.


[2019-11-09 04:32:16]

Rating:  2

Everything about this story is so unrealistic -- from the romance to the supposed "devastating" secret. At least this big secret was finally revealed and the book did not end in a cliffhanger.

The story has no color or background, no substance. Where are the patrons of their businesses? And how do they even have patrons if they're so despised as a family?

Unfortunately, Meredith Nash's narration did this book no favors. Her voice is too screechy in my opinion and her expression was flat. She made no effort to give characters distinctive voices, and overall, her performance seemed very amateurish.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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