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Book Review

A Pane Of Glass
by R. Byron Stockdale

Category:  Suspense

Average Rating:  4.0

When a series of child abductions terrorizes the suburban communities of south St. Louis, Tom Russell of the FBI is called in to assist local law enforcement in the media-charged investigation. Things abruptly change course when the prime suspect in the case is found brutally murdered. The ritualistic nature of the kill and two similar unsolved murders earlier that year mark the emergence of a methodical serial killer known as SRK. Then almost as suddenly as the crimes had begun, they inexplicably stop, and the case goes cold for more than a year. Tom figures the killer was done with his business or just got good at hiding the bodies.

Not anymore.

There's a fresh trail of death, and the details of the new murders are keeping Tom awake at night thinking about his three young children. He begins to wonder if maybe the killer is doing the world a big favor.

SRK is hunting child predators.


[2019-10-27 14:58:33]

Rating:  4

This would be a fantastic story if it weren't for all of the dreams and hallucinations. I hate all of that weird, unrealistic nonsense in a story. Even worse, the story ends this way. The ending is awful. Except for Tom's family, the characters are well developed. Tom's romance with his partner seems obligatory and contrived. The action and suspense is great, though.

The narration by Alan Philip Ormond is outstanding. He absolutely nails his performance.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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