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Book Review

Jane's Baby
by Chris Bauer

Category:  Suspense

Average Rating:  2.0

Whatever happened to Jane Roe's baby?

Norma McCorvey, of Caddo-Comanche heritage, did not terminate the pregnancy that led her to become the anonymous plaintiff of the landmark U.S. supreme court women's rights case Roe v Wade because in 1971, when the motion was first argued, abortion in the U.S. was illegal. The Jane Roe real-life child would now be a woman in her late 40s, the potential of her polarizing celebrity unknown to her. A religious rights splinter group has blackmailed its way into learning the identity of the Roe baby, the product of a closed adoption.

To what end, only a new supreme court case will reveal. Tourette's-afflicted K9 bounty hunter Judge Drury, a Marine, stands in the way of the splinter group's attempt at stacking the Supreme Court via blackmail, murder, arson, sleight of hand, and secret identities.


[2019-09-29 01:42:06]

Rating:  2

I thought this book had a lot of potential with its main character being a Tourette's-afflicted K9 bounty hunter, but I was disappointed. The characters seemed a bit flat and mostly unlikable. The action was contrived and quite over-the-top. And I definitely did not like how the story ended.

Tom Taverna's performance was adequate, but he did not give distinctive enough voices to the characters nor did he perform accents authentically. I must give him credit for handling the Tourette's dialog well.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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