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Book Review

A Spark Of Light
by Jodi Picoult

Category:  Suspense

Average Rating:  3.0

When a gunman bursts into a reproductive health clinic, he takes everyone inside as hostages. Police negotiator Hugh McElroy rushes to the scene, only to get a text from his fifteen-year-old daughter, who is among those trapped inside the clinic.


[2019-03-15 03:08:35]

Rating:  3

Jodi Picoult is known for taking on major social issues in her novels and this one fits that pattern. This time it's about abortion. She's also notorious for inexplicably bad endings. This book ends better than some of her books, but it ends quite abruptly, leaving several loose ends. But the most frustrating aspect of this story is that it's told backwards. It begins right before the climax and works chronologically backward by the hour with the frustratingly short epilogue providing the abrupt end of the story. This technique absolutely did not work for me. It was confusing and required extra effort to follow the story.

Bahni Turpin's narration is nothing short of amazing. It's a 5-star performance if I ever heard one. This in combination with Picoult's brilliant character development grudgingly allow me to cautiously recommend this audiobook with the suggestion that one consider beginning with the 8 AM chapter and read subsequent chapters in chronological order then go back to the epilogue for the climax.

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