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Book Review

Year One
by Nora Roberts

Category:  Fantasy

Average Rating:  2.0

A sickness sweeps the planet, killing millions. There are those who are immune, known as the Uncanny, rumored to have magical powers. These survivors, both good and evil, must discover how to live in a new, devastated world.


[2019-02-17 02:24:15]

Rating:  2

The synopsis gave me the impression that this might be a dystopian novel. It's not, really. It's mainly fantasy in a dystopian setting. Knowing that Nora Roberts develops her characters well, I thought I might like this one. I did not. Her characters are developed well enough, but they're too impossible, as is the story itself.

MacKenzie Beyer's performance is mixed. She gives some characters distinctive voices, others are not distinct enough to recognize the difference between them during dialog.

If this is a series, I doubt that I'll follow it.

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