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Book Review

The Time Refugee
by Adair Hart

#4 in The Evaran Chronicles

Category:  Science Fiction

Average Rating:  4.0

In the year 3104, United Planets Agent Jane Trellis finds new hope in cracking the illegal augment trade when time travelers Dr. Albert Snowden; his niece, Emily; V; and Evaran arrive at Roeth, a planet 740 light-years away from Earth. With Jane's new allies, she can finally check out the Dyson bubble that is under quarantine. On a personal note, she hopes to discover more about how her husband died while working there. Experiencing timeline changes, meeting multiple timeline versions of people, rooting out a timeline anomaly, and facing off against a timeline threat were not things Jane had envisioned herself ever doing, yet she finds herself in the middle of all those issues. Becoming a time refugee was definitely not on her list of things to do.


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Rating:  4

This story is classified as SF, but it should probably be classified as fantasy, since the "science" in this story is ill-defined and somewhat inconsistent. The highlight of this story (and this series) is the delightful cast of characters. And Michael Pauley's voicing of these characters is spot on.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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