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Book Review

Child Killer: The True Story Of The Atlanta Child Murders
by Jack Rosewood

Category:  Nonfiction: True Crime

Average Rating:  4.0

From the summer of 1979 through the spring of 1981, Atlanta, Georgia was held under siege by a serial killer and dozens of victims started to appear. The series of murders, which became known as the "Atlanta Child Murders case," gripped the city of Atlanta with fear and shocked the nation because most of the victims were children. The fact that the victims were all black and mostly male caused many in Atlanta's black community to fear that their children were being targeted by a racist conspiracy.

This true crime book describes how the Atlanta Child Murders case put a city under siege and how a task force of law enforcement officers from several different agencies eventually captured the killer. It follows the investigation as the police use what was at the time fairly new techniques of criminal profiling and fiber evidence to capture and convict the killer. For many around the country, once the killer was arrested, it was difficult to accept. The killer was a young, nerdy-looking man named Wayne Williams. To many people his background didn't seem to indicate he was a serial killer, but the professional profilers knew otherwise!


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Rating:  4

This is a very infamous case, but Jack Rosewood summarizes it well and Kevin Kollins expertly narrates it.

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