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Book Review

Aftermath Of Disaster Bundle
by Kevin Barry Maguire

Category:  Dystopian Fiction

Average Rating:  2.0

This bundle includes the first three books and a short story bonus -- "When Jack Met Diane." Find out how the leading characters met and started their journey together.

Book 1: It Has Begun

Could you survive a post-apocalyptic world?

Jack and Diane were two average Americans living in small towns, or so it seems. Jack is a prepper and has been most of his life. The day started out like any other; Diane and Jack started their morning routines and equipped their every day carry items. Survival is for the prepared.

But when disaster strikes the United States, Jack's lifetime of preparing will be put to the test. Grabbing his two dogs and their bugout bags, the duo must escape their hometowns and find a safe place to seek shelter. What really happened, and will Jack's years of prepping be enough to keep them all safe?

Book 2: Diggin In

Continue the journey of Jack and Diane as they navigate the new reality. With more attacks, the duo and Jack's group decide this is not a one-off attack.

It's time to dig in and prepare for what's coming next. Meet new characters and find out what the terrorists planned next.

Diggin In has more action, more dialogue, more characters, and intrigue.

Book 3: Summer's End

Two months have passed since Jack dug in. Jack and Diane offer to help Robin find her family as new threats emerge close to home and in far-off lands.

The country is still without power and the coming winter will be brutal. Jack's group is prepared, but how will everyone else make it through a cold winter?

Summer's End has more action and new characters as Jack and Diane expand their reach.


[2019-01-17 02:17:52]

Rating:  2

This is supposedly a bundle of 3 "books" and a short story. But none are really more than short stories. All 4 combined barely qualify as 1 short book.

The story is rather trite and cliché. Why do authors use fingers flying over keyboards to imply brilliant hacking? That's rediculous.

The characters, although likable enough, are underdeveloped and predictable. None of them are all that interesting.

The first "book" is read by Kevin L. Knights and the remainder of this bundle is read by Warren Keys. Neither performance is particularly compelling. All in all, I'm glad this audiobook is short.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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