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Book Review

Henry: The Jersey Brigade
by Ruth Ochs Webster

#1 in Toe The Mark

Category:  Historical Fiction

Average Rating:  2.0

Henry Marts was 19 years old when he defied his Quaker faith and answered the call from President Lincoln to defend the Union. Fully expecting to be home in a matter of months, Henry left behind his parents, his work as an oysterman, his sea captain brother Will, and his sweetheart Christiana. Henry, and his comrades in the 3rd Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, would experience some of the most compelling moments of the Eastern campaigns.

Experience their triumphant surge up South Mountain at Crampton's Gap. Bear their frustration as they are held in fitful reserve at Antietam. Feel the pain of being the somber rear guard during the long, bitter retreat from Fredericksburg. Witness Pickett's Charge from their hilltop vantage point. Be knee-deep in action at Bull Run Bridge, Chancellorsville, and the Wilderness. And advance up Laurel Hill at Spotsylvania Courthouse. There Henry would face his enemies and inner demons in one final struggle...

Historical fiction: based on the military record and life of Henry W. Marts and the regimental record of the Jersey 3rd. First in the Civil War Series "Toe the Mark."


[2019-01-16 01:16:30]

Rating:  2

This story is rather dry and uninspired, due in part, perhaps, to the lackluster performance by Jacob Hashem. His narration is rather flat and uninflected.

I caught several mispronunciations by Mr. Hashem: The most distracting being his mispronunciation of cavalry as calvary. He also mispronounced hearth as hurth.

I think the reader should be quite familiar with US Civil War history in order to fully appreciate this story.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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