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Book Review

Guarding The Secrets
by Ellen Harris

Category:  Nonfiction: True Crime

Average Rating:  4.0

Recounts the terror-stricken life and murder of sixteen-year-old Tina Isa, who was condemned by her other family members for becoming Americanized, before her father, an accused Palestinian terrorist, stabbed her to death.


[2019-01-15 15:51:45]

Rating:  4

What insanity! And what a tragedy! This is an old crime, and actually, an old book. An update with more current information would have been appreciated, but this is a true crime case worth the time to read.

I found keeping track of all the people involved in this case a bit challenging, especially in the beginning, but in the end, it came together for me.

Lee Ann Howlett performs competently. Of course, being true crime, there's not much to challenge her performance.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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