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Book Review

Dark Sacred Night
by Michael Connelly

#2 in Renee Ballard
#23 in Harry Bosch

Category:  Modern Detective Mystery

Average Rating:  5.0

Harry Bosch teams up with LAPD detective Renee Ballard to solve the murder of a young girl.

Detective Renee Ballard is working the night beat -- known in LAPD slang as "the late show" -- and returns to Hollywood Station in the early hours to find a stranger rifling through old file cabinets. The intruder is retired detective Harry Bosch, working a cold case that has gotten under his skin.

Ballard can't let him go through department records, but when he leaves, she looks into the case herself and feels a deep tug of empathy and anger. She has never been the kind of cop who leaves the job behind at the end of her shift -- and she wants in.

The murder, unsolved, was of fifteen-year-old Daisy Clayton, a runaway on the streets of Hollywood who was brutally killed, her body left in a dumpster like so much trash. Now Ballard joins forces with Bosch to find out what happened to Daisy, and to finally bring her killer to justice. Along the way, the two detectives forge a fragile trust, but this new partnership is put to the test when the case takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.


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Rating:  5

Connelly partners Harry Bosch with Renee Ballard in this exciting, realistic modern detective novel. Multiple cases are woven together into this edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Christine Lakin (as Ballard) and Titus Welliver (as Bosch) Perform their respective roles expertly.

The cases are all closed satisfactorily, but we can hope to see more from this partnership of Bosch and Ballard.

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