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Book Review

Hardscrabble Road
by George Weinstein

Category:  Growing Up

Average Rating:  5.0

The entire MacLeod clan is haunted by secrets--and young Roger 'Bud' MacLeod doesn't realize he carries the biggest secret of all. Growing up poor in Depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Bud is also cursed with a stutter and a birthmark that disfigures his face. His hateful father and amoral mother make life worse still, despite his brothers' efforts to shield him. To survive in body and soul, Bud must discover his strengths and confront the sins of his parents. First, though, he'll need to grasp his own truth: that he can't embrace his future until he comes to terms with his past.


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Rating:  5

This is an extremely well written story with subtle humor, vivid imagery and a creative use of similes. Best of all, the characters are well drawn and memorable. And Ben Collins voices these characters appropriately, even Bud's stutter. This is one of those stories I'll likely not soon forget.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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