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Book Review

Killer Cop: The Deviant Deputy Who Kidnapped, Raped And Killed
by Ryan Green

Category:  Nonfiction: True Crime

Average Rating:  4.0

In July 1972, Deputy Sheriff Gerard Schaefer picked up two teenage girls, Pamela Wells (17) and Nancy Trotter (18), who were hitchhiking to a local beach. He told them it was illegal to hitchhike in the area and that he would take them back to safety. He lied. Schaefer took them to a remote wooded area where he drew his gun, tied them up, gagged them and looped nooses around their necks. Schaefer received a call on his police radio and had to leave the girls but he vowed to return and finish what he'd started.

The terrifying behaviour displayed by the trusted officer was not an isolated case and would pale in comparison to the chilling truth that would eventually surface. Schaefer wrote, "Doing doubles is far more difficult than doing singles, but it puts me in a position to have twice as much fun. There can be some lively discussions about which of the victims dies first."

Killer Cop is a dramatic and gripping account of one of the most disturbing men to have sworn to serve and protect us. Ryan Green's riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller.


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Rating:  4

This true crime really is as horrific as a thriller. Of course, some license may have been taken and no one is absolutely sure how much of Schaefer's story is fact and how much is fantasy. But it's certainly compelling.

Steve White's narration is quite appropriate for true crime.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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