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Book Review

If You Should Read This, Mother
by Vivian Rhodes

Category:  Suspense

Average Rating:  2.0

Megan Daniels was only three years old the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but flashes of that day begin to trigger other disturbing memories that have lain dormant within her. At first they are merely snippets, but, as they begin to appear more frequently Megan has difficulty separating what is real from what is imagined. In her attempt to learn more, she sets out to find her biological mother, but keeps hitting brick walls. No adoption papers exist, and all she has to go on is her possible birthday: November 22. In the small town of Meredith, California, Megan’s search takes on a dire, domino effect -- one woman has already been murdered as a result of her inquiries. 

As she digs for the truth, Megan eventually unravels a sinister plot that began decades earlier, but in doing so she places her own life in jeopardy.


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Rating:  2

This could have been an exciting story, but I spent so much time and effort struggling with the timeline and keeping the characters straight that it became a bit of a slog. There were so many characters to keep track of that I found myself having to go back and review some chapters. Worse, there were blatant discrepancies in the timeline. These discrepancies were so glaring that it spoiled the story for me.

Su Meck's performance left much to be desired. She made an obvious effort to give distinctive voices to the characters, but these voices were all too similar and not at all appropriate for the characters. They just sounded high-pitched and whiney. I think a good editor and different narrator could do wonders for this story.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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