Mark Twain wrote: The reason novelists nearly always fail in depicting women when they make them act, is that they let them do what they have observed some woman has done at some time or another. And that is where they make a mistake; for a woman will never do again what has been done before.

Book Review

Serial Killers Rage And Horror, Volume 2
by Jack Rosewood

Category:  Nonfiction: True Crime

Average Rating:  4.0

Are you born a killer, or are you shaped into one?

How does one escape from his cell to start a killing spree of 20-plus victims? How incredibly evil can one be to murder more than 24 children in less than two years?

These are questions we will dig deep into as we investigate eight serial killers and murderers in this addition to the Serial Killers Rage and Horror series.

Serial killers both intrigue and disgust the average member of society, and many question why this is. Is it because they seem such regular people in the daylight? Or perhaps it is simply because it is hard to fathom how someone can cross that ever-present line of what is right and what is most horribly wrong.

One of the most unusual cases in this audiobook surrounds the murders of several women in Canada by a totally unique method that may surprise you. Another, the story of Robert Hansen, will terrify you. And the cases of the Atlanta Child Murderer and the Ogre of the Ardennes will sicken you to the core. But once you start listening to this audiobook, it will be extremely hard for your curious mind to stop.


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Rating:  4

There are 8 interesting cases summarized in this true crime anthology. Each case includes a list of known victims and a timeline of events. Kevin Kollins reads this audiobook very well.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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