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Book Review

The Academy
by Robert Dugoni

#0.2 in Tracy Crosswhite

Category:  Short Stories

Average Rating:  4.0

Quitting her job as a high school science teacher to join the Seattle Police Department was an easy decision for Tracy Crosswhite. Years earlier, what should have been one of the happiest days of her life instead became her worst nightmare when her younger sister, Sarah, disappeared. After the murder trial, while her family disintegrated, Tracy turned her heartbreak and her lingering questions into a passion for justice.

But people don't just become world-class detectives. If Tracy wants to uncover the truth about what happened to her sister, first she must be forged in the fires of the Police Academy, where not everyone wants her to succeed.


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Rating:  4

This is a short story prequel to book 1 of this series, My Sister's Grave. It presents the background for the tension between Tracy and her nemesis, Johnny Nolasco. It's performed well by Emily Sutton-Smith.

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