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Book Review

The Steel Shark
by Rebecca Cantrell

#4 in Joe Tesla

Category:  Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

His dog. His computer. The tunnels under New York City. That's all Joe Tesla's agoraphobia has left him with--the inside world, the dark world--and now the black depths of the sea.

Joe Tesla ventures out into the ocean depths in an underwater scavenger hunt. The competition turns deadly when a mystery sub rams Joe's and leaves him for dead on the ocean floor.

Joe survives and his search for answers leads into a web of international intrigue and enigmatic weapons. When he shares his knowledge with the authorities, they bury his information and threaten to bury him as well. After a drone attack drives him out to sea, he realizes that he alone can discover the truth hidden in a rogue submarine...and save the city he loves from annihilation. But can a man trapped inside by his own fears ever save the larger world above?


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Rating:  4

Cantrell isn't really true to character, especially with respect to Joe Tesla's agoraphobia. And as delightful as his service dog is, no dog can be that incredible. But the characters are compelling and the suspense is nail-biting in this gripping thriller.

Jeffrey Kafer delivers a consistent, expert performance.

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