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Book Review

What Have We Done
by JT Lawrence

#3 in When Tomorrow Calls

Category:  SF/Fantasy Thriller

Average Rating:  3.0

In tomorrow's world where the edges blur between addictive virtual reality and real life, would you hurt your daughter if it was the only way to set her free?

When gaming junkie Silver doesn't make it home on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kate and Keke go out to find her. It's a treacherous journey navigating a city in the midst of a flash civil war. Shrouded in electrosmog and panic, it's been taken over by vigilante bot hunters as a violent AI uprising puts everyone Kate loves in danger, especially Mally and his anthrobot girlfriend.

Suicide Agent Zack's in trouble. After a charade of a trial he's sentenced to hard labour at SkyRest, the most controversial penal labour colony in the country. He's shocked by what he finds there, deep underground, but the more he resists, the more they brainbleach him into submission. If he doesn't find his way, he'll never be able to tell Kate what he needs to tell her. Which is a problem, because it's the whole reason he exists.

With the Doomsday Prophecy looming large, Kate discovers there are forces at play she'd never guess at, and much more at stake than just her or her children's lives. What she'll need to do to keep everyone safe will stretch her beyond every hard limit. Will Kate play the game?


[2018-06-14 00:33:51]

Rating:  3

Set in South Africa in the near future, this story requires considerable concentration in order to follow it. Fortunately, Roshina Ratnam's outstanding performance helps. Unfortunately, the story is just way over the top. It's overly contrived and unrealistic. And the ultimate conclusion to the story is quite dissatisfying. It diminishes the impact of the earlier books in this series, especially the first book. The ending just doesn't fit the rest of the story. I'm simply not fond of this genre.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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