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Book Review

The Casanova Embrace
by Warren Adler

Category:  Political Suspense

Average Rating:  4.0

From the carcass of a Washington, D.C. car bomb explosion, the CIA launches an investigation into the mysterious events leading to the assassination of Chilean dissident and infamous casanova, Eduardo Allesandro Palmero. As CIA investigator Alfred Dobbs rummages through the evidence, Palmero's mysterious life, from heir to the Chilean oligarchy to a fist-raising Marxist and trickster in disguise, comes to light. But what Dobbs soon discovers soars beyond his wildest imagination. At the height of international terrorism, Eduardo fights his war with an unlikely weapon--seduction. From Marie DeFarge to Frederika Millspaugh to Penny Anne McCarthy, Eduardo orders his sex-craving subjects into battle, tearing them from a life of tranquility and into the passionate caress of a man who will stop at nothing for a cause, his cause. Soon enough, Marie, Frederika and Anne are making headline news as part of a South American terror squad. But when Eduardo's carpet of lies begins to unravel, thread by thread, and his obsession-inducing sexual offensive comes to a slow and subtle halt, his very fate is at stake. Will the feared Chilean Intelligence Agency finally get him? Will lust intoxicate the minds of three women descending beyond reason? Or will the conned women become the conwomen?


[2018-05-22 03:37:57]

Rating:  4

Although this story is well written and suspenseful, I can't see any point to it. The characters are well developed and performed excellently by Lynn Norris, but it's a real stretch to believe these women would behave this way. The pace is slow and jumps around in time and perspective, making it a bit difficult to follow at times. At least the story comes to a satisfying conclusion.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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