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Book Review

by John Lescroart

#18 in Dismas Hardy

Category:  Legal Thriller

Average Rating:  5.0

San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy is called upon to investigate the murder of a wealthy man whose heirs are all potential suspects.

Dismas Hardy is looking forward to easing into retirement and reconnecting with his family after recovering from two glancing gunshot wounds courtesy of a recent client. But this plan is cut short when, against his wife's wishes, he is pulled back into the courtroom by the murder of Grant Wagner, the steely owner of a successful family business. The prime suspect is Wagner's bookkeeper, Abby Jarvis, a former client of Hardy's who had been receiving large sums of cash under-the-table from the company--but she insists that she's innocent and Dismas wants to believe her.

As he prepares for trial, Dismas probes deeply into the Wagner clan's history, discovering dark secrets, jealous siblings, gold-digging girlfriends, startling betrayals, and menacing blackmailers. Suspense builds as the trial date looms, and the closer Dismas gets to the Wagners, the clearer it becomes that he has a large target painted on his back.


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Rating:  5

This is another exciting legal thriller featuring Dismas Hardy, his family, and the usual set of characters familiar to fans of this series. Thankfully, the violence is toned down in this story -- there's virtually no explicit violence, just discussions in general terms. The dialog is realistic and Jacques Roy's voicing of the characters is distinctive enough in most cases. He voices Hardy well, but some of the other character voices are a bit off. All in all, Lescroart has another winner here.

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