Mark Twain wrote: The fountains of her great deep were broken up, and she rained the nine parts of speech forty days and forty nights, metaphorically speaking, and buried us under a desolating deluge of trivial gossip that left not a crag or pinnacle of rejoinder projecting above the tossing waste of dislocated grammar and decomposed pronunciation!

Book Review

by Boyd Craven III

#1 in Still Surviving

Category:  Dystopian Fiction

Average Rating:  2.0

Westley Flagg isn't your usual lawbreaker. He's a poacher, a moonshiner and a prepper, out of necessity. Despite trying to live on the straight and narrow, he knows the law can turn things on you in a heartbeat. When Wes has to come up with money for his Grandpa's surgery, he gets involved with an unsavory group. Living deep in poverty for most of his life, he's become resilient and flexible, but college education can only take him so far. A solar storm sends the northern lights as far south as Texas, and cascading failures in the grid cripple the nation. Now, without communications, Flagg has to prove he has what it takes to still survive.


[2018-04-28 02:26:07]

Rating:  2

WARNING! This story is unfinished.

Unlike many stories in this genre, society doesn't fall so far into chaos and anarchy, at least so far. But this story ends before any significant plot development is accomplished. There's not enough story to evaluate it properly.

Kevin Pierce delivers a satisfactory performance, although I did catch one significant missed edit.

Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to review the complete story eventually.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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