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Book Review

Fight To Live
by Dave Bowman

#2 in After The Outbreak

Category:  Dystopian Fiction

Average Rating:  3.0

Two weeks after the virus outbreak, the trouble is just beginning. Nick, Jessa, and the rest of the group defended their home against a vicious attack. But the worst is yet to come. When Nick is forced to venture into new territory, he discovers just how deadly the world is now. With modern society in ruins, criminal elements are organizing and trying to take control.

Matt Redmond is the only survivor in his town. He needs to get out if he wants to stay alive. A glimmer of hope lies in New Mexico, 800 miles away. It's a dangerous journey that would test anyone's bravery. And Matt just turned thirteen.

An alliance brings hope, but not even new friends can help Nick and the others when disaster strikes. With members of the group scattered, can they find their way back to each other? In this dangerous new world, how far will they go for their makeshift family?


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Rating:  3

This is a continuation of the story begun in Fight to Survive. A few new members join the original group from Nick's lodge. These characters are intriguing, and although their adventures are generally predictable for the genre, The story is engaging.

Andrew Tell delivers a very satisfactory performance. His pacing is appropriate and his character voices are distinct enough to easily follow dialog.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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