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Book Review

by Peggy A. Wheeler

Category:  Dystopian Fiction

Average Rating:  3.0

When everything you count on for your existence fails, could you survive?

Within days of a series of monster solar storms slamming into earth, electrical grids fail and everything in the northern hemisphere with a computer chip ceases functioning. Electricity won't be completely restored for at least a decade, and the result is that everything modern life depends on to function is gone. There is no way to pump gas or water. Cell towers are wiped out, along with satellites. Airplanes and most vehicles will not operate. Communication is practically impossible. People cannot access life-saving prescription drugs or food. Police, fire services, and the military are overwhelmed, and hospitals can't cope. There's no one to come to the rescue, and as mass panic ensues, people begin dying. Fear and violence escalate until society collapses.

An unlikely hero emerges.

Chaco is a well-educated freedom fighter on a death list in El Salvador. Having fled to the United States, he is in hiding by working for a wealthy couple as their handyman and gardener. Following the disaster, he reveals his true identity, and convinces his employers and their neighbors to follow him over brutal mountain passes to a self-sufficient commune nearly 800 miles away.

But only a few will survive.


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Rating:  3

This story is pretty contrived and not very believable or realistic, but the characters are developed well enough to capture and hold the reader's attention. This is an attempt at post-apocalyptic fiction that barely misses the mark.

Chris Abell's performance is quite satisfactory. He gives distinctive voices to the characters and his accents are passable.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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