Mark Twain wrote: Has any boyhood dream ever been fulfilled? I must doubt it. Look at Brander Matthews. He wanted to be a cowboy. What is he today? Nothing but a professor in a university. Will he ever be a cowboy? It is hardly conceivable.

Book Review


by Ken Grimwood

Category:  Fantasy

Average Rating:  3.0

Part fantasy and part nightmare, this intriguing novel recounts the story of a man and a woman mysteriously given the ability to live their lives over. Each dies in 1988 only to awaken as a teenager in 1963 with adult knowledge and wisdom intact. Different spouses, lovers, children, and careers await them in each go-round of the past twenty-five years with altered versions of world events.

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[2018-02-22 00:10:46]

Rating:  3

This is an interesting form of the do-over theme. It's compelling and somewhat thought-provoking. It held my attention, but didn't rock my world. It's just fantasy.

Ray Hagen's performance is quite satisfactory, although I might have appreciated a bit more distinction between character voices.

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