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Book Review

The Deadly Art Of Love And Murder
by Linda Crowder

#2 in Caribou King Mysteries

Category:  Mystery

Average Rating:  5.0

Alaskan fine arts dealer, Caribou King, has closed up shop for the season and is looking forward to a peaceful winter, capped off by the birth of her sister's first child. When she discovers the body of Angela Nash, an elderly woman, in the old Tilamu house, Cara can't help poking her nose into the investigation. Doc Tilamu served the people of Coho Bay all his life, building the house for his bride and their three children, but as soon as they became adults, each one of them left town and never looked back. When Alex Tilamu shows up at Mrs. Nash's funeral, drunk and ranting about murder, Cara is convinced there is more at stake than a dilapidated house on the edge of the bay. Unraveling the mystery of the old woman's death takes Cara and the town's one-man police force, Dan Simmons, on a perilous journey through decades-old hatreds, bitterness and greed. With the Alaskan winter closing in, Cara finds herself caught between two men who say they love her and one who wants her dead. This is the second book in the Caribou King Mystery series, combining murder, light suspense, comedy and romance.


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Rating:  5

This is a well-paced cozy mystery with some really delightful characters. The mystery is resolved by the end of the story, but the characters feel like friends with whom you'll want to stay in contact.

Michelle Babb's performance is outstanding. Her pacing and character voices are spot on. She hits just the right tone for this story and these characters.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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