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Book Review

No Man's Land
by Jacqueline Druga

Category:  SF/Fantasy Thriller

Average Rating:  3.0

When Leah and Calvin found out they were expecting, they were over the moon. That day would be one to remember forever… but for more reasons than one. That was the day the world changed. That was the day joy turned to fear. A deadly virus broke out, with many of those infected becoming violent and uncontrollable. And it was spreading fast. Realizing they are no longer safe in their own home, they make a break out of the city to find sanctuary. But when Leah is bitten, Calvin faces the unimaginable struggle of having to take care of their newborn alone. Traveling with the baby and his dead wife in tow, he comes across Hannah, a young girl who lost her family to the virus. They make their way across country together, meeting others trying to find their own sanctuary. They eventually find safety but Calvin soon realizes all is not as it seems and he must make an agonizing choice.


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Rating:  3

This story isn't quite what I expected. It's essentially zombie fiction, a genre too unrealistic for my enjoyment. However this story managed to draw me in and keep me listening for it's four and a half hour duration, due mainly to the character of Hannah.

Andrew B. Wehrlen delivers a satisfactory performance with distinctive character voices and appropriate pacing.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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