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The Tenth Nail
by Kwen Griffeth

#1 in Nate And Clare

Category:  Modern Detective Mystery

Average Rating:  3.0

Nate knelt beside the dead girl. This wasn't his first homicide, it wasn't even the first dead prostitute he'd investigated. It wasn't the first strangling death he'd been assigned to. But, this one bothered him. Maybe it was her youth. Maybe it was her looks. Maybe she reminded him of his own daughter. Maybe it was something else entirely. The Tenth Nail is the story of a homicide detective obsessed with finding the killer of a streetwalker. It is fast paced, with well-developed characters and a twist at the end most will not see coming.

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[2017-12-16 23:46:10]

Rating:  3

This story is engaging, but these characters rquire a little getting used to. Especially in the beginning, Nate just seems like a big bully. This attitude never really goes away, but it is tempered some towards the end of the story.

Also, especially in the beginning, some of the dialog seems a bit stilted and amateurish. Part of this is due to the overly melodramatic performance of Paul J. McSorley. He gives distinctive voices to the characters, but most are over dramatized and not really appropriate for the character. Ultimately, these characters grew on me. I hope to have the opportunity to follow their progress in the next book in this series.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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