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Book Review


by Michael Connelly

#18.5 in Harry Bosch

Category:  Modern Detective Mystery

Average Rating:  4.0

In "Switchblade," an anonymous tip puts Bosch on a case that has remained unsolved for decades, the vicious stabbing of a teenage boy whose body was found in an abandoned Old Hollywood restaurant.

Cold cases are often the toughest: With no body, no murder scene, and no fingerprints, Bosch nevertheless gets lucky when DNA evidence from the murder weapon points to a known killer. But the DA insists that science alone is not enough -- he needs the case to be bulletproof before he'll take it to court.

Determined to speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves, Bosch has one chance to wrench a confession out of a cold-blooded killer, or risk letting him walk free for good.

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[2017-08-18 21:51:44]

Rating:  4

This is typical Bosch, but it's just a short story, so there's not much in the way of plot development. It does have a rather surprising conclusion.

Len Cariou delivers his customary outstanding performance.

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