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Book Review

by Kimberly A Bettes

Category:  Horror Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

At the height of the Great Depression, thousands of families who have lost everything are making the pilgrimage westward in search of a new life. Some will find what they're looking for. Some will not and will have to make the long journey back home. Then there are the others, those who never make it to either place because they made a stop along the way in a town called Exodus, an abandoned silver mining town in eastern Arizona where nothing good ever happens and most folks never leave.

The Carlsons--John, his wife Anne, and their newborn baby James--are one of countless families heading west, and they're one of many unfortunate families who find themselves in Exodus. The sign on the highway promises food and gas, both of which the Carlsons need. But the sign doesn't advertise all that Exodus has to offer. It doesn't mention the torture, the cannibalism, the death.

Caught now in a horrifying world of madness, Anne has to fight to save her family, though doing so will push her to the very brink of her own sanity.


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Rating:  4

WARNING! This is an especially horrific thriller. I can't imagine a much more dysfunctional or disgusting family than that depicted in this story. It is based on an interesting premise, however, and quite suspenseful. Although very extreme, it is almost plausible. There's no supernatural or paranormal element to this story.

Rick Gregory's performance is adequate. There is some music included in this audiobook, but it is integral to the story.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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