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Night School
by Lee Child

#21 in Jack Reacher

Category:  Thriller

Average Rating:  4.0

It's 1996, and Reacher is still in the army. In the morning they give him a medal, and in the afternoon they send him back to school. That night he's off the grid. Out of sight, out of mind.

Two other men are in the classroom--an FBI agent and a CIA analyst. Each is a first-rate operator, each is fresh off a big win, and each is wondering what the hell they are doing there.

Then they find out: A Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany, has received an unexpected visitor--a Saudi courier, seeking safe haven while waiting to rendezvous with persons unknown. A CIA asset, undercover inside the cell, has overheard the courier whisper a chilling message: "The American wants a hundred million dollars."

For what? And who from? Reacher and his two new friends are told to find the American. Reacher recruits the best soldier he has ever worked with: Sergeant Frances Neagley. Their mission heats up in more ways than one, while always keeping their eyes on the prize: If they don't get their man, the world will suffer an epic act of terrorism.

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[2017-06-17 17:19:29]

Rating:  4

This book takes us back in time to Reacher's days in the Army. All the expected elements are present, including (unfortunately) the gratuitous romance. The terrorism theme is a bit overdone these days, but I suppose Reacher Needs his terrorism story told. At least, it's a plausible story.

Dick Hill really is the voice of Jack Reacher and he delivers his expected outstanding performance.

This isn't the best in the series, but it's a well-paced, suspenseful thriller.

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