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Book Review


by Anne Rice

Category:  Romance: Mystery/Suspense

Average Rating:  5.0

Chronicles the sexual obsession of a middle-aged author renowned for his beautiful, old-fashioned illustrations of children's books. He is captivated by a sixteen-year-old runaway who tells him nothing of her past when she moves into his San Francisco home. When the artist discovers that his mysterious lover is the missing daughter of a famed film star, a scandalous story uncoils.

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[2017-06-11 22:46:12]

Rating:  5

This is unlike any book I've read by Anne Rice. I didn't want it to end. There's nothing supernatural about the story and the romance is quite believable. And there's actually a plot with some suspense. The characters are well developed and interesting. This is simply a great story read expertly by Ray Foushee.

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