Mark Twain wrote: Schoolboy days are no happier than the days of after life, but we look back upon them regretfully because we have forgotten our punishments at school, and how we grieved when our marbles were lost and our kites destroyed-because we have forgotten all the sorrows and privations of that canonized epoch and remember only its orchard robberies, its wooden sword pageants, and its fishing holidays.

Book Review


by Anne Rice

Category:  Romance: Mystery/Suspense

Average Rating:  5.0

Chronicles the sexual obsession of a middle-aged author renowned for his beautiful, old-fashioned illustrations of children's books. He is captivated by a sixteen-year-old runaway who tells him nothing of her past when she moves into his San Francisco home. When the artist discovers that his mysterious lover is the missing daughter of a famed film star, a scandalous story uncoils.

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[2017-06-11 22:46:12]

Rating:  5

This is unlike any book I've read by Anne Rice. I didn't want it to end. There's nothing supernatural about the story and the romance is quite believable. And there's actually a plot with some suspense. The characters are well developed and interesting. This is simply a great story read expertly by Ray Foushee.

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