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Book Review

The Road At My Door
by Lori Windsor Mohr

Category:  Growing Up

Average Rating:  5.0

A secret has the power to kill. Reese Cavanaugh is about to find that out. Her family is living the Dream in 60's Southern California. Dad has landed a job in the aerospace industry, Mom has the status she has craved. Under the surface tension is brewing. When Reese discovers her mother's secret, everything begins to unravel. She must choose between saving herself or the family she loves.


[2017-05-27 22:58:37]

Rating:  5

This story really grabbed me and held on. Reese is a well developed character that I grew to care about. However, the supporting characters could have been more fully developed. At times, their behaviors and reactions were exasperating and seemed a little unrealistic. I just wanted to reach in and give Reese and her parents a shake. But as seen through Reese's eyes, these things began to make sense by the end of the story.

Bernardette Arellano's performance is very good. Her voice is age appropriate to the story and she handles accents acceptably well.

NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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